Customer Communications Management

Customer Communications Management solution allows you to implement in your organization a consistent strategy of multichannel communication, which in turn helps with building close, long-term relationships with your customers.

Central Platform for Document Generation and Distribution

Customer Communications Management lets you generate personalised documents and other types of content as well as disseminate these over communication channels of your choice. The documents’ look and feel, contents and distribution channels are managed via a central communications platform, the same for multiple processes and business applications in your organization.

CCEThe blanket term “documents” that we use here includes, but is not limited to, all sorts of business papers, insurance policies, commercial offers, product catalogues, blueprints, invoices and contracts. CCM populates documents with source data it automatically downloads from (or, should the need arise, is sent by) relevant business systems, such as CRM, ERP, eCommerce or custom databases. Once the data is in place, the multichannel communications system processes the documents in accordance with predefined templates to ensure consistency before delivering them to specified recipients over selected channels. Modifiable templates are used to customize the look and feel as well as the content of each document. Templates are managed by users . Documents from a variety of different systems can be combined or merged and then delivered to customers in one go.

Customer Communications Management and content segmentation, personalization

A major strength of the Customer Communications Management solution is that it allows you to tailor your message to fit the customer profile you have built based on information found in corporate systems, or received from the customers themselves. On the basis of that profile you can dynamically manage both the appearance and contents of any document. For example, you can supplement a VIP customer’s invoice with a special offer aimed at such customers only. Thus the customer will receive a personalised message relevant to their needs. In particular, CCM lets you make the most of such mechanisms as direct marketing, upselling and cross-selling, which directly translate to your organizations profits.

Multichannel document distribution

Our multichannel communications platform allows for document dissemination over multiple distribution channels, including but not limited to e-mail, mobile devices, WWW, text messaging (SMS) and in-house as well as bulk printouts, with the choice of the channel being dependent on customer preference. The platform can be used both for generating one-off ad-hoc documents and for batch processing of bulk documents (like invoices, billings, debt collection) as well as sending bulk e-mails (mass mailing). Naturally, any and all documents generated by the platform can be archived.

Bulk printing and packaging

Thanks to our multichannel communications platform you can quickly and easily generate documents for postal delivery. Documents in bulk stream are sorted, collated and barcode-marked for packaging (BCR/OMR/datamatrix). You can also add personalised marketing materials (inserts, underprint or content directly printed on empty areas of the document).

By implementing our multichannel communications system you can:

  • speed up and simplify communications, both internal and with customers, across all channels
  • curb the maintenance and development costs for document related processes
  • enhance and maintain architecture governance in your organization

If you would like to implement CCM solutions or multichannel communications systems in your organization or have any questions to ask, please contact us.